Very Important Update…

August 2021 – Stockholder Update


To All WaterBlocks Shareholders


Greetings to All! And Welcome to our new Title III CF Offering Portal, TruCrowd.

As you may have noticed, WaterBlocks fund raising stopped on StartEngine on April 30. This was over our strong objections and after having paid their platform renewal fees in advance.

We undertook a thorough investigation of other Crowdfunding platforms and discussed our options with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Today, we are announcing what we view as the best outcome to these efforts.

TruCrowd will serve as WaterBlocks new SEC approved funding Portal to continue our fund raising efforts as before. Only our portal has changed – not the offering itself. This means the perks which were offered on StartEngine will be continued on TruCrowd until we as a company terminate the offering, at which time it will be determined which shareholders qualify for perks and what type of perk they are qualified to receive.

Prime Trust will be the escrow agent. The same as before with StartEngine, however, TruCrowd provides us with better visibility into the escrow account on a real-time basis so any stockholder transaction issues can be resolved more quickly than was true on StartEngine.

Also, we have retained Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. to be our stock transfer agent and Corporate Registrar for this funding raise effort and all stockholder accounts will be consolidated at Colonial. This change affects all classes of shareholders. This is a work-in-progress as Colonial sets up to maintain all our stockholder records. Soon, each WaterBlocks shareholder will be able to login to their own account at Colonial and see their stock holdings there, including any bonus or perk shares they may have received.

Going forward, Colonial as our stock transfer agent registrar will be the primary point of contact for all shareholder records. Shareholders will need to contact them (or simply login to your personal account) to change and update; email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, etc. Colonial will be generating and sending out shareholder notices once onboarding has completed, so keep a look-out for Colonial emails.

Your participation in launching our new site would be very much appreciated, by adding any positive comments you may have to the comments section on the site. This would be very helpful, and now would be a good time to consider increasing your WaterBlocks holdings to help us rebuild our momentum.

It has taken 90+ days to complete this effort and during this time we have been hard at work, with Venture Capital presentations with three upcoming shows on the calendar and pursuing WaterBlocks marketing efforts to develop a Pilot Project with various governmental entities in Florida. A Business Status Update is forthcoming as our efforts progress.

I thank you for your participation and support as we proceed forward.

My Warmest Regards, Joe Daniluk, CEO