WaterBlocks™ consist of four separate components.
Main Units
Exterior Corner Units
Interior Corner Units
End Caps

Key features include:

  • A minimum ten year up to 20 years normal life expectancy
  • An automatic ballasting and negative buoyancy system to stand firmly in place despite water levels
  • Maximizing the shipping capacity of a standard 53’ truck trailer enabling 416 linear feet of barriers
    per load
  • Our Four different Components provide the capability necessary to meet nearly any topographical layout challenges and sealing abutments, utilizing built-in 15 degree chamfers on each side for ease of completing a Locking layout of protection
  • Ease of Handling for Rapid Deployment
  • Built-in rails for sliding in and out of transport vehicles
  • Built-in design for ease of fork-lift operations
  • Slip and Slide Assembly and Dis-assembly for Rapid Deployment
Our Built-in BillBoard messaging for sponsoring Logos and/or Products to help offset acquisition costs.