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We have put together four different investment programs to accommodate your investment considerations based on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations regarding investment limitations as to the amount of investment based on the minimums allowable.  To ensure everyone has an opportunity to share in our growth potential.

We have included more information about the Company for your review below.  All of which is included in the Offering documentation.

Select the best option that suits your investment criteria and qualifications from the options below:

For Everyone:

$1,070,000 SEC – Crowdfunding Title III Offering

Class B non-voting Common Stock

Maximum Shares Offered:  535,000

Minimum Shares Offered:  100

Price Per Share:  $2.00

Minimum Investment:  100 Shares  ($200.00)

Link to Offering:


For Accredited Investors as defined by the SEC:

$5,000,000 Private Placement Offering

Series 1 – Cumulative, Convertible Preferred Stock

Maximum Shares Offered:  500,000

Minimum Shares Offered:  1,000

Price Per Share:  $10.00

Minimum Investment:  1,000 Shares  ($10,000)

Link to Offering: