WaterBlocks™ Detail

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Our Patented steel reinforced polyethylene products Link and Lock together utilizing magnetic vinyl seals to create a plastic wall of protection while preventing liquid penetration at the joints to provide a dry side of protection from drainage and flood waters.


The moldable plastic allows for custom colors of the barriers and the Billboard Style front area allows for custom artwork, logos and notifications to be emblazoned permanently into the product. The integrated fence post holes allow for additional fencing above the barriers. This can be combined with additional banner advertising, a sound blanket, etc..

Our Modular Design allows for multiple configurations, such as:

Islands of Safety for Flooding, Construction Site protection, etc.


Containment Pools when used with the appropriate liner:


River, Canal or Street level water re-direction

Double Stacked


When Double Stacked a 28′ Wide by 8′ High Barrier filled with water weighs 35,700 lbs.

Creating an extremely effective truck barricade for events. 

Other Uses Include:

Traffic Safety and parking control
Pedestrian / Crowd Control; Set up to control directional movement at any venue
Temporary Livestock Management

Main Barrier

The Main Barrier Units each provide 4 ft 2 in (1.27 m) of linear protection and have the ability to bend 15° in either direction at the joints. In addition to providing a barrier to flooding they were designed to facilitate efficient shipping and to require a minimum of storage space when not in use. They are designed to be shipped in sets of four The shipping dimensions for a set is 8ft x 4ft 2in x 4ft (2.44m x 1.27m x 1.22m).

Two Deployed Barriers 

Two Barriers Grouped for Shipping


Corner Units

The Corner Units are designed to provide the ability to introduce a 90° turn in the barriers. There are two models; one providing interior turns and one providing exterior turns. They are also designed to allow and additional 15° bend in either direction. As with all of our products the corners are designed with an eye towards efficient storage and shipping. They stack in sets of four with two interior corners and two exterior corner pieces in each set. Each stacked set is 4ft x 4ft 10in x 4ft (1.22m x 1.47m x 1.22m).

Four Corner Units Stacked for Shipping

Bottom View of Deployed Interior Corner Unit



Bottom View of Deployed Exterior Corner Unit



End Caps

The End Cap Unit is designed to link the barrier wall to the environment completing the barrier and providing flood protection. The end cap units can be attached to any of our other units, or to each other in the event of a narrow gap that requires protection. The end cap units are designed to allow 15° bends. Their shipping and storage configuration is a ring of four units with a diameter of 8ft 1in (2.46m) and a height of 45in (1.14m).

Four End Caps Arranged for Storage

A Deployed Wall 

Each barrier is equipped with RFID for easy inventory tracking.
Example Inventory Tracking Configuration:


Standard Truckload Configuration:

The standard truckload configuration consists of 4 corner units, 4 end caps and 96 main units which is 416 linear feet of protection packed in 53′ trailer. While this is a standard configuration for a truckload any grouping of barriers for an order can be accommodated. 


WaterBlocks™ are exclusively provided by Locking Line Barriers – a Colorado Corporation.


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