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Private Placement Memorandum pursuant to Regulation D 506(c),

of the Securities Act of 1934, as amended 

Effective:  August 31, 2020


Offering Details


The Offer: Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) no-par value Series 1 Preferred Stock Shares, at Ten Dollars ($10.00) per share with an annual cumulative dividend rate of 6.50%, and with a variable sixty (60) month conversion right as described herein.


$5,000,000 Private Offering

Series A – Cumulative, Convertible Preferred Stock

Maximum Shares Offered:  500,000

Minimum Shares Offered:  1,000

Price Per Share:  $10.00

Minimum Investment: 1,000 Shares  ($10,000)


Locking Line Barriers Corporation dba WaterBlocks™  (the “Company” or “LLB”), a Colorado “C” Corporation, the Company, is offering up to 500,000 shares of no-par value Series A Preferred Stock, with an annual cumulative dividend rate of 6.50%, and including a conversion right as described herein (the “Preferred Stock” or “Shares”).  Offered on a “best efforts” basis pursuant to Regulation D 506(c), of the Securities Act of 1934, as amended (the “Securities Act”), with a minimum tender requirement of 1,000 shares, (which at the Company’s discretion may be reduced), at a purchase price of $10.00 per share or accepted Strike Price (the “Per Share Purchase Price”), for total gross proceeds of up to $5,000,000 (the “Maximum Offering”) which the Company retains the right to increase or decrease at any time, to Accredited Investors only as defined by the Securities Act;


Liquidation Preference:          One times the Strike Price plus cumulative and unpaid dividends on each Preferred Series A share, the balance of proceeds to be paid to Common Shareholders.  A merger, reorganization or similar transaction will be treated as a liquidation.


Conversion Rights:                  In accordance with the following schedule, the Investor may elect to convert these Preferred Stock shares held, in whole or in part to “WaterBlocks” Common Class A, Voting Shares; as follows:

This investment is only available to Accredited Investors as defined under Rule 501 by the SEC. Here is the definition   –    SEC-Accredited-Investor-Definition.pdf


Thank you for taking the time to examine our SEC 506(c) Class A Preferred Stock Offering.

$10,000 Minimum Investment Required.

There are only Three Steps to invest:

1.Download and read:

The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and Subscription Agreements.

PPM  – WaterBlocks-PS-A-PPM-8-31-20-v-2-1.pdf

Subscription Agreement    –   Fill out,and e-Sign

Or Print, Sign & Return to:

2.If you choose to invest, sign the Subscription Agreement & Return.
3.Fund your investment:

DownLoad Bank Wire, ACH and Check Instructions Cash-LLB-CSB-Wire-Instructions.pdf

For Credit Cards click :

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